Two Card Combinations – Elemental Dignities Compendium

by Douglas Gibb on September 19, 2009

Learning how to read Elemental Dignities can quickly become a frustrating process. This is essentially due to the lack of readily available, useful information. As a way to help provide a good quality resource on this subject, Catherine Chapman of Tarot Elements and I have methodically listed every possible two card combination with their associated description.

In this article, Catherine and I have also presented an example Tarot reading which highlights the differences between reading the cards traditionally and reading the cards Elementally. We’ve purposelessly limited the techniques used when interpreting the Elemental Dignities within the reading. This was done to specifically focus on one technique; this technique requires nothing but the ability to combine two cards.

Why Are Two Card Combinations Useful?

In an article I wrote called, A Guide To Tarot Card Combinations, I mentioned that the ‘card a day’ method for learning Tarot cards can impact negatively on confidence. The best way to learn Tarot cards is to deal out combinations of cards and interpret them, independently of any desire to do a personal reading. However, if you find the ‘card a day’ method useful, why not adapt it a little. Rather than deal out a card a day, deal out two cards instead of one and create a two card combination. This will help you practice Elemental Dignities. It will also help provide greater clarity than the standard ‘card a day’ method and this can be especially useful when the first card is rather ambiguous.

However you chose to practice two card combinations, the main usefulness of learning Elemental Dignities is to add greater depth and clarity to a Tarot reading.

Card Pairing

One of the techniques used in Tarot that explicitly relies upon two card combinations is called, “card pairing”. This is a technique that is used to help read a particular Tarot spread known as The Opening Of The Key. I learned this spread through the study of the Golden Dawn, but quickly discovered that card pairing can be used for any Tarot spread.

The mechanics of card pairing simply requires the Tarot reader to take the two end cards in a Tarot spread and pair them. For example, in a ten card Tarot spread you would start by taking card number one and card number ten and pair them. From this position, you would pair cards two and nine; three and eight; four and seven; five and six. In other words, you pair from the outside of the spread and work your way towards its centre.

The Golden Dawn describes how to interpret the paired Elements as, “…on pairing the cards each is to be taken as of equal force with the other. If of opposite elements they mutually weaken each other.”

The basic rules behind Elemental Dignities are:

  • Fire and Water are enemy Elements; they weaken each other.
  • Air and Earth are enemy Elements; they weaken each other.
  • All other combinations are friendly towards each other.
  • Fire and Air are active Elements.
  • Water and Earth are passive Elements.

The basic descriptions of the four elements:

  • Fire – careers, drive and ambition.
  • Water – love, emotions and psychism.
  • Air – thoughts, ideas and problems.
  • Earth – money, possessions, support.

It’s important to recognise what is meant by the terms, “enemy” and “weaken”. These terms do not completely alter the divinatory definition of the Tarot cards. Rather, if the two Tarot cards are Elementally enemies of each other, there is a neutralizing effect that takes place. In other words, this hypothetical two card combination wouldn’t play a pivotal role in the overall ‘story’ during a Tarot reading. Their influence, for good or bad, is reduced (neutralized) and the Tarot reading should reflect this as such.

Having fun with Elemental Dignities

The best way to learn Elemental Dignities is by having fun. Not only will you enjoy the process that much more, but you will also be relaxed enough to allow your intuition to flow; being relaxed, having fun and feeling creative is the most conducive state of mind to be in when learning Elemental Dignities.

Start by dealing out two Tarot cards, ignore the divinatory definitions and simply read the Elemental interaction taking place between them. If you keep things relaxed, fun, and enjoyable, you will be surprised at how quickly your intuition will start to flow.

Example Tarot Reading

The best way to illustrate card pairing is by doing an actual Tarot reading. Below is an example Tarot reading, and the spread chosen is called the “Two Options” Tarot spread. I will start by interpreting this spread based solely on the Tarot card meanings; then I will use card pairing as a way of adding greater depth and clarity to the reading.

There are many Tarot spreads that could be used to help with a client’s dilemma, but a really good one is a “Two Options” Spread. The great thing about this spread is its versatility. There’s no need to feel constrained by limiting yourself solely to the way Catherine and I have used it; it can be adapted by altering the questions to suit your own, or your client’s needs. You may like to add extra positions and questions, should you decide to.

Hypothetical question

Our client today is called Jennifer and she is having a hard time deciding between Vincent and Stuart. By using the Two Options Spread below, we have a closer examination of these men in her life and how they interact and feel about each other. The purpose of this example reading is to show you how card pairing adds an extra layer to the Tarot reading. Column one represents the first man, Vincent, and column two represents the second man, Stuart.

The Classical Interpretation

The client clearly likes both men; however, Vincent is seen as a challenge (7 of Wands) whereas Stuart is seen as having (Princess of Disks) something long-term to offer. On a slightly more negative note, Stuart is seen as less important (Princess of Disks) where as Vincent is seen as a sources of daily concern, problems and worry – the kind that fuels obsession.

Vincent clearly likes Jennifer (10 of Cups); perhaps they met through close friends. Stuart seems preoccupied with the past (6 of Cups); have Jennifer and Stuart been in a relationship before? Regardless, both men have strong feelings for her.

Two Options Tarot Spread

The pros of choosing Vincent are clear; Jennifer sees him as the best man, perhaps being with him would fulfil a certain ideal she has for herself? The pros of choosing Stuart are not so clear. The Two of Wands suggests that neither of them have found a comfortable or balanced way of interacting with each other. It’s clear that both of them will feel the need to assert themselves in order to be heard. Alternatively, Jennifer will feel empowered by the way Stuart treats her – the kind of feeling someone gets when they know they are in control; a sort of safe predictability.

The cons of choosing Vincent appears to be his character (Justice) or circumstances. Is he too concerned with rules? Perhaps Vincent is in the middle of a divorce? The cons of choosing Stuart might be that he likes her a lot more than she likes him. On the one hand, you have the balance of Vincent against the imbalance of Stuart.

The outcome for choosing Vincent doesn’t appear good. It’s possible that he would destabilise her life to the point that she feels ‘out of control'; control is something we know Jennifer values, perhaps even needs. This brings us to Stuart, a safe, if dull option. However, the outcome for choosing Stuart also doesn’t appear good. It looks like she can’t bring herself to feel (the Hermit) about him the same way she feels about Vincent.

Card Pairing

The 7 of Wands and Princess of Disks suggests, “Jennifer is fighting to get noticed – Fire and Earth suggests obscurity”.
The 10 of Cups and 6 of Cups suggests, “They live in the past – perhaps they already have families – Water and Water indicates depth of feeling”.
The 9 of Cups and 2 of Wands suggests, “She is on the right track with one of these men – Fire and Water weaken and neutralize each other; this combination doesn’t have a big influence on the reading”
The Justice card and the Ace of Cups suggests, “She is too concerned with finding her ‘true love’. Perhaps this also indicates that she wishes she could combine the best of Stuart with the best of Vincent – Air and Water suggests intensity”
The Tower reversed and the Hermit, “Keeping her feelings concealed to avoid embarrassment – notice how the start and end of the reading have the same Fire and Earth Elemental combination. This indicates going around in circles”.

The difference between the two methods is clear. The classical method provides the bare bones of the story but the Elemental interpretation fills in the blanks.

The Elemental Dignities Compendium – Two Card Combinations

Listed below are the sixteen permutations of two card combinations. You will find that there’s a slight repetition with them; for example: fire/water – water/fire. Catherine and I did this for two reasons; firstly, we felt there were slight differences to their meanings when transposed and secondly, we wanted this Elemental Dignities Compendium to be a complete body of work. We therefore agreed to include all possible options, even where they would apparently seem the same.

Holding your mouse pointer over the images below will provide you with further information on the elements.

Elemental Dignities Fire Element and Fire ElementFire/Fire
The inspiration to act; intense and ruthless; rapidly moving forward; a good chance that things will move towards there end – for good or bad. A lack of consideration is given to feelings. There’s also a possibility that this energy dies down as quickly as it started.

Catherine: Totally active and supporting each other. Immense energy that can be good or bad. Can be the impetus to push through difficulties and yet could also be so destructive if not directed. Think of a wild fire.

Elemental Dignities Fire Element and Water ElementFire/Water
There’s a slight weight and foundation to this combination, implying the slight possibility that things can continue forward. In representing a person’s psychology, this combination suggests – emotional confusion; a lack of certainty and commitment; manic depression.

Catherine: Traditionally cancelling each other out, a passive and active element at odds; the fire wants control and sees the water as emotional. Think taking control of the emotions; the Temperance Effect; even ‘quit being a drama queen’.

Elemental Dignities The Element Fire and the Air ElementFire/Air
The initial inspiration to act is quickly met with problems. Luckily, these problems seem solvable. This combination suggests a brilliant plan that could work. It also suggests an intense, but easily distracted person; mental tension; lack of sleep; tiredness and exhaustion.

Catherine: An active and supportive combination. Air feeding that fire will only make it stronger. A brilliant idea that will take off immediately; quick thinking or quick succession of ideas; moving forward quickly.

Elemental Dignities The Element Fire and the Earth ElementFire/Earth
An active and passive Element will have a neutralizing effect. This means that this combination doesn’t necessarily imply things changing. However, I get the sense from this combination that a lot of effort has been used to create a good start, but now the same energy is required to keep things going – and things are going nowhere. A running with the Red Queen effect.

Catherine: A neutral combination not normally seen as affecting each other, but where the earth feeds the fire, the fire can warm the earth. Think of seed germination; moving up a gear and moving forward.

Elemental Dignities - The Water Element and the Fire ElementWater/Fire
This is a very uncomfortable combination. It’s almost as if someone is being asked to do something against their will. Apart from the reluctance to act – to ‘change’ a very comfortable lifestyle – it does hint at a moral strength of character; a type of integrity.

Catherine: Traditionally seen as opposing elements, cancelling each other out, but they have their uses – they can level unpleasant cards. The water tries to temper the fire, reminding it to ‘chill out.’ I feel like there’s a strange attraction between these two elements. Can also be seen as passive/aggressive.

Elemental Dignities - The Water Element and the Water ElementWater/Water
This combination, although pleasant, often indicates that people are living in the past. There’s an unhealthiness to this amount of feeling. I’ve seen this indicate a profound state of depression and lethargy. On a more positive note, this combination indicates psychic abilities.

Catherine: Totally in support of each other, but far too passive to be of any active use. Think ‘still waters run deep'; totally and utterly in love to the point of being useless! Deep psychic connections, awakening intuition.

Elemental Dignities - Water / AirWater / Air
There is a real sense of “talking about ones feelings” with this combination. It’s almost as if the person is in a position to finally talk about ‘past troubles'; think of this situation as similar to someone seeking out a ‘talking therapy’. On another level, there’s a need to conceal one’s feelings from others – trying to put a brave face on things when inside there’s emotional turmoil.

Catherine: Traditionally neutral to each other, but water can evaporate and penetrate the air. Fog consists of moisture, think of mental confusion, being over emotional. Thinking with your heart and not your head.

Elemental Dignities - Water / EarthWater / Earth
This is a good combination in certain circumstances. Essentially, it indicates that emotional dreams have a chance of becoming reality. The Water (Emotional dreams, wishes) eventually finds support. This combination would also indicate that the client’s emotional assessment is accurate.

Catherine: A passive but supporting combination. The earth is providing ground for the water to move on, but it also contains it. Gaining control over your emotions; support from a friend. Think ‘lean on me.’

Elemental Dignities - Air / FireAir / Fire
This combination suggests that a plan can indeed work. It shows the forming of the plan, then its execution. It also suggests that a problem has been solved, allowing for matters to continue forward. This is a good combination if ‘impulse control’ is what’s required.

Catherine: A very active combination with air fuelling the fire. With nothing to contain it though it can run wild. Think acting on your ideas; having the self-belief to continue; being inspired and motivated.

Elemental Dignities - Air / WaterAir / Water
This combination suggests that the initial control has been lost to sentimentality, and possibly past regret. There’s a need to express feelings rather than discuss them.

Catherine: A neutral combination traditionally not affecting each other. Too much air on water though and you have a storm! Think of love letters; expressing your love; psychic channelling or communication.

Elemental Dignities - Air / AirAir / Air
A highly unstable combination. This suggests illness, mental instability, and possibly a total lack of direction; the result is mental cruelty. This is an example of the mind attacking itself – having gone through all possible solutions; the cycle repeats itself with increasing intensity. This can also indicate a good time for the creative process.

Catherine: A highly active combination in total support of each other but potentially detrimental. This is all about thinking, thoughts, mental processes – but in excess. Think ‘running away with your thoughts.’

Elemental Dignities - Air / EarthAir / Earth
This combination suggests the need to change the surrounding environment. I can imagine long impassioned speeches, designed to motivate and inspire change. This can sometimes be seen in Tarot readings that involve the search for personal identity. It also suggests the possibility of challenging people, events and institutions. However, there’s simply not enough energy in these cards to make a difference – yet.

Catherine: These two elements don’t sit well together, there’s always a separation occurring. They’re simply at odds with each other and don’t connect; the earth cannot contain the air. Think of someone losing touch with reality.

Elemental Dignities - Earth / Earth / Fire
Firm foundations in which to expand the business. A supportive environment that actively encourages adventure, exploration, and in some cases, creativity. A good combination that promises slow steady growth.

Catherine: A neutral combination, traditionally neither affecting the other. The earth contains the fire, perhaps feeding it, but remaining in control through its strength. Think of a runner on the starting block of a race.

Elemental Dignities - Earth / WaterEarth / Water
This combination suggests someone allowing themselves to enjoy what they have created. I get the impression of a controlled and strict life that is only now beginning to feel secure enough to express more vulnerable aspects of self. It also hints at someone who has succeeded financially in life and is now beginning to enjoy what was worked so hard to achieve. At the end of the day, nothing changes, but the person finally sees the enjoyment and joy in what they have.

Catherine: A supportive but passive combination; water softens the earth and makes it fluid and flexible. Think of a mother soothing a child; or a lover serenading his lady. There’s enjoyment here and potential hedonism; though feeling safety is providing more satiety and so it continues.

Elemental Dignities - Earth / AirEarth / Air
A need to break free from perceived imprisonment; there’s a certain amount of resentment and contempt for what this person owns – the responsibility has become too much. Perhaps this again shows a need to create something new but at the moment the ‘energy’ is too angry to formulate a constructive plan – they hate where they are in life; but they’re frustratingly dependent on it. A need to accept responsibility.

Catherine: These two elements traditionally repel each other. The air wants to be free of the constraints of the earth. What you think and what you feel being two different things. Think ‘come here, go away.’

Elemental Dignities - Earth / EarthEarth / Earth
A profound stability is indicated in this combination. This could indicate years of effort in attaining a goal – finally it all comes together; complete stability. However, if change is wanted or desired, then it’s certainly not going to happen in the short to medium term.

Catherine: The most stable of the combinations, but if you’re hoping for movement, forget it! Solid and reliable but very grounded, like a ship’s anchor; if you need a dose of reality, this is it.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts and observations about the two card combinations presented here. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions about this article I’d love to hear them. Did you agree or disagree with any of the descriptions listed? Did you find this article helpful? What else would you have liked to have seen included? If you have any questions you would like to ask, either myself or Catherine would be more than happy to help.

This article is part of the Elemental Dignities Compendium.

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23 comments… Let's discuss

mark September 19, 2009 at 3:49 am

good read. as a chart & process lover/geek
i enjoyed the explication you’ve put together.
like everything, the tarot is about relationships
and how they unfold in study & practice, alone
and with others. you’ve pointed to an
important set of considerations that have
the potential of furthering the story (personal
narrative) in a meaningful way. thx.



Douglas September 19, 2009 at 11:04 am

Hi Mark,

Thanks for dropping by :)

the tarot is about relationships

I think that’s one of the most important philosophical ideas for people to really understand when thinking about Tarot. Great point.

Thank you for your kind words :D


Phine September 19, 2009 at 12:40 pm

Dear Catherine and Douglas,

I simply love your approach of taking the elements to action! There´s still so much to learn for me…

Reading your first part of this great project I realise that combining the elements speak in some way slightly different to me.
Looking at the elements creates a “sort of atmosphere” where the situation is taking place – in my personal imagination ;) .

I take a look at the elements given and gain a picture of their interaction. For example:
• fire + fire = explosion; unrestrained forces ready to overrun anything burning everything down – and thereafter??
• fire + water = hot steam, activated water; could move a turbine if canalised / could injure by burning the skin / could just rise up into the clouds without any effect
• fire + air = hot air (german idiom for “warm words”); a warm breeze you enjoy to feel on your skin – but just for a while, it will become unpleasant as it dries your mucosae
• fire + earth = warm sand you love to play with, building sandcastles – but a breeze could destroy what you created (better to build it with some water to get a more resistant mud ;) ); but beware: a lot of heat will melt the sand and burn it into a shape you could not change anymore but with brutal force (like bricks).

*I hope my description is comprehensible… Writing in a foreign language is quite a challenge…*

Looking forward to the next chapter – and rereading this post meanwhile again and again,



Douglas September 19, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Hi Phine,

Thank you for your kind words :)

I take a look at the elements given and gain a picture of their interaction. For example:
• fire + fire = explosion; unrestrained forces ready to overrun anything burning everything down – and thereafter??
• fire + water = hot steam, activated water; could move a turbine if canalised / could injure by burning the skin / could just rise up into the clouds without any effect
• fire + air = hot air (german idiom for “warm words”); a warm breeze you enjoy to feel on your skin – but just for a while, it will become unpleasant as it dries your mucosae
• fire + earth = warm sand you love to play with, building sandcastles – but a breeze could destroy what you created (better to build it with some water to get a more resistant mud ;) ); but beware: a lot of heat will melt the sand and burn it into a shape you could not change anymore but with brutal force (like bricks).

I love your Fire / Fire interpretation; especially the, “…overrun anything burning everything down”. If change is needed, this can sometimes be a very positive process. The problems can arise when this person likes the way things are, and doesn’t want them to change.

Fire / Water interpretation, “…could injure by burning the skin” – great imagery.

Fire / Air interpretation, “German idiom for “warm words” – awesome :)

Fire / Earth interpretation – the warm sand imagery that you used really helps to visualise the atmosphere these combinations can have in a clients life. Excellent!

I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on :D


Ginger September 19, 2009 at 12:49 pm

I can’t wait to give this a try….I’m going to do two card draws this week and focus on the combinations of the elements…just for practice. I want to spend a bit more time reflecting on yours and Catherine’s ideas on the combinations and as I do I’ll jot down notes about other possibly “meanings” that might occur to me.


Douglas September 19, 2009 at 3:45 pm

Hi Ginger,

Let me know how you get on with using Elemental Dignities :D

I highly recommend everyone check out Ginger’s awesome Tarot article on two card combinations, called, My Two Card Elemental Dignities Study.


Ginger September 19, 2009 at 3:31 pm

I am also exploring how the elements play out when I am reading with regular playing cards and so far it has proven to be very interesting…It has certainly added a new layer of meaning. I enjoy using regular playing cards…have no idea why… but my mom used to read with them…so maybe that is the connection.


Douglas September 19, 2009 at 3:38 pm

Hi Ginger,

I’m really looking forward to reading how you get on with playing cards and the Elements. Let me know if you’ve found your connection to Tarot, or the Elements deepen as a result of this study. You can check out Ginger’s exploration of this topic at, Lenormand Quest.


Phine September 19, 2009 at 4:25 pm

Ok, Douglas –

you make me completing the list ;) :

• water + water = a great ocean; water everywhere; you might be drowned because of lacking energy to reach the next coast, it could flush you away
• water + air = foggy weather with miserable sight / bubbles in the sea – an instable combination where the air-bubbles will popp up to leave the watery surrounding; it´s like sitting in a puddle where you want to get out very quickly – or it´s like standing in a cold breeze dressed in wet clothes (BUT: if fire would be added it´s a fantastic whirl-pool instead that you never want to leave)
• water + earth = mud / “thickened sand” that wants to stay where you put it – no breeze can blow it away easily; swamp that hinders you going along

• air + ait = a hurricane or tornado blowing everything away, that makes you feel giddy
• air + earth = a sandstorm; air you can hardly breath, poor sight; the sand aches as it hits the skin

• earth + earth = a real solid base (as long as your standing above it… otherwise it could turn out to be a grave, with no air to breath, no light to see and no water to drink); this is something unshakeble like a mountain

These are my images so far,
hope you enjoy them :),



Douglas September 19, 2009 at 6:57 pm

Hi Phine,

Thank you for sharing :D

I really liked your Water / Water – “…might be drowned because of lacking energy to reach the next coast”. A great way of visualising this combination.

The Water / Air combination you mention is very interesting – especially the, “it’s like sitting in a puddle where you want to get out very quickly”. I really like that interpretation; I think I’ll be adopting it into my Tarot readings :) .

The Water / Earth combination is very interesting – “swamp that hinders you going along”. Excellent imagery!

The Air / Air combination was very cool. The idea of being “giddy” is an excellent way to see this combination.

The Air / Earth combination is excellent; “..air you can hardly breath” is a brilliant way of visualising these Elements.

Earth / Earth

(as long as your standing above it… otherwise it could turn out to be a grave, with no air to breath, no light to see and no water to drink)

I think that’s awesome. I could definitely see how this explanation could add loads of depth to a Tarot reading.

The images you have for the Elements are excellent – very ‘usable’ – and certainly, I can see them being very helpful in a Tarot reading.

Thank you again for sharing :D


Phine September 20, 2009 at 9:11 am

Good morning, Douglas :)!

I´m glad you´re finding my images useful.
I reread your “elemental interpretation” of the card pairing – which offers such great insights! I will do some exercises in that direction.

As I´m trained in creating the atmosphere I studied the column of each aspirant under the radar:

Vincent shows water and fire, each element two times in his column -> “fire + water = hot steam, activated water; could move a turbine if canalised / could injure by burning the skin / could just rise up into the clouds without any effect”. There´s a lot of energy and feelings – and perhaps inner conflicts to cope with, as fire and water are enemies. Air is added – to support the fire and motivate him or to cool down the steam to transform it into rain (tears?).

Stuart is quite the opposite of Vincent. His column shows the water-element two times as well, but it´s accompanied by earth two times. A very passive combo -> water + earth = mud / “thickened sand” that wants to stay where you put it – no breeze can blow it away easily; swamp that hinders you going along
He added some fire, which makes a pretty comfortable fango pack you want to rest on. But please: Don´t bring in any fresh air (innovative ideas as for instance), that would cool down the agreeable temperature of the fango ;)!

Excuse me please, if I went too far by looking at the tripple of elements – but I´m caught up by your exercise :D … and your kind words.

from Phine


Douglas September 20, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Hi Phine,

I think your use of imagery is awesome, and having you share with us your insights is amazing – something we all can learn from :D

I like your description of Vincent, especially the conflict that you describe. On the one hand we have Air providing motivation, yet on the other hand, this influence can cause tears. It certainly describes someone with inner conflict – that dangerous vibe that she was attracted by.

I also liked how you interpreted the Elements around Stuart – there is a real sense of Stuart being the safe, if somewhat boring option, “Don´t bring in any fresh air (innovative ideas as for instance), that would cool down the agreeable temperature”. Yet, although he may be stuck in his ways, the safety that he beings, “which makes a pretty comfortable fango pack you want to rest on” is somewhat appealing :)

Great examples Phine :D . I’m glad you took the time to share with us your insights into this spread :)


Theresa September 20, 2009 at 2:29 pm

Hey Douglas, I just wanted to say that this is exciting reading to me – I’ve never used the Elementals in my readings but your blog really inspires me. I’ve been playing around with them ever since I got introduced to your blog. This project you are doing with Catherine really spells it out clearly. It will the THE resource for me to explore further. It’s adding a fun new dimension to the work I already do.

(By the way, I also enjoyed reading Phine’s comments – she is a very visual writer. I’m a visual learner so I like descriptive interpretations like the ones she wrote.)

Can’t wait to read more. You and Catherine are doing the best tarot writing on the web. Truly.



Douglas September 20, 2009 at 3:39 pm

Hi Theresa,

Thank you for your kind words :D

I’m glad your having fun with it and I look forward to hearing about any of your experiences whilst trying out Elemental Dignities :) . If there is anything you think Catherine and I could do to make it clearer, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to incorporate that into our next article :)

Phine really brings another great perspective to Elemental Dignities. I’m really happy that Phine has chosen to share them with us :D

Thank you again for your kind words, and for letting me know that you’re enjoying these articles :)


Phine September 20, 2009 at 6:15 pm

Hi, folks :)!

I´m really glad that my approach is of value for you as yours is for me!!
Your blog is so inspiring to me… And it popped up just in a perfect period of time.

Thank you very, very much :*,

Phine (Stephanie)


Douglas September 20, 2009 at 10:01 pm

Hi Phine,

I’m also glad that you’ve taken the time to comment on this blog. I find your insights very valuable – I’ve learned a lot from them :D


Helen September 21, 2009 at 1:31 am

I enjoyed reading this, I’m only going to comment on one pair, Fire/Water. I agree with what is said, when Fire is paired with water it is weakened, Fire’s element for creation is now limited, and so water curtails fire’s true power to express.

Water however under the influence of fire can become restless, it may well be forced to change (fire can turn water into vapour, steam etc.) in some small way, this can create a positive outcome but not without a certain amount of agitation.

Just my thoughts on this pairing. :)


Douglas September 21, 2009 at 7:42 pm

Hi Helen,

Thank you for sharing your insight :) . I really like the way you describe the interactions between these two Elements. I think a positive outcome can be possible, in specific cases, for this combination; especially when you consider the Element Water. There is a certain weight to this Element; a certain grounding – bearing in mind that this Element is not as heavy as Earth so the grounding offered is minimal. I think, paired with Fire, we could have movement, but the person would have to be able to unite opposing Elements within his/her own psyche.

Thanks for dropping by :D


Ginger September 21, 2009 at 11:29 pm

Helen…I really like the idea that fire can change water…vapor, steam etc. that makes a lot of sense to me…each influences the other not a one way street. Thanks for sharing that I am going to keep it in mind when reading.

Douglas: I wanted to let you know that today when I was reading with the oracle cards an amazing thing happened….(for me…lol)…I could blend all three cards together rather than seeing them as three individual cards/meanings….I’ve done it before but this time it was so effortless….I really believe that looking at combinations with and without the elements has opened my mind to see the card combinations not just the cards alone. I was so excited…. I wanted to write about it this morning but I ran out of time…lol…I did have to get to work…I know for most it seems a “no brainer” but to me it was a sort of a break through!!! I like that what I am learning about tarot and elements can also add a new level/depth to my oracle readings.


Douglas September 22, 2009 at 11:17 am

Hi Ginger,

That’s amazing. I’m glad it’s all beginning to slot into place for you. This is a great sign that your connection to the Tarot is beginning to get that much stronger, but it’s also a great sign that your connection to the Elements is beginning to develop into something much more fluid.

When reading the cards becomes a “no brainer”, then we know the unconscious mind is beginning to do most of the work – which is great because it frees up so much more energy to articulate your interpretation to the client.

Great news :D


Eartha September 26, 2009 at 3:04 am

Excellent, love the work you and Catherine have done on this, nice balance of views. Totally enjoyed it!


Douglas September 26, 2009 at 11:31 am

Hi Eartha,

I’m glad you’re enjoying these series of posts. Catherine and I plan on having the next article out in a couple of days. I’d really love to hear what you think of it :D


beatrice bonini September 14, 2011 at 4:48 pm

brazil woman came to my shop .said”you’re mystical, study tarot every day.” was 1996. now 2011 and i followed that path. posted your website on my favorites 3 yrs. ago & today i began to study w/you. amazing. am using the first full meaningful reading i did that night in 1996 concerning my success chances if i study the tarot. #1 card ace wands- # 10 card, ace of swords. the crossing card the devil said that i had to give up smoking. tossed away my smokes after 43 years and put them in a dumpster and never looked back. according to your teaching that reading is on target and i have a clearer sense of my life and the underlying factors defining my decisions that night in 1996. aloha and mahalo nui loa….dixie b..


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