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Quick Tip: Interpreting the 7 of Disks

September 21, 2010

I was speaking to a friend of mine last night and he pointed out something unique to the 7 of Disks. Next time you see the 7 of Disks in a Tarot reading, try using this interpretation: “this is about someone at work you find attractive”. I know, weird interpretation right? I thought so too, […]

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Meditation: 8 ways to Divide and Combine the Twenty-Two Trumps

July 11, 2010

The Tarot’s story is your story. Savor it. When you are finished reading it — you will be someone else. By: Lon Milo Duquette A very popular meditative technique is to divide and combine the 22 Trumps. This article will look at 8 meditations with the Major Arcana. The general idea is to use the […]

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Why using Rationality to Access Intuition Works

May 10, 2010

Each card is, in a sense, a living being; and its relations with its neighbors are what one might call diplomatic. It is for the student to build these living stones into his living Temple. — The Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley p48 Have you already discovered how difficult it is to access your […]

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The Tarot Location Challenge

March 19, 2010

My background in Tarot is heavily influenced by the Golden Dawn, specifically, the attributions they use. About a week ago, I was speaking to a friend of mine, and we started talking about how certain cards within the Golden Dawn system are associated with areas of the globe. I’m going to quote Lon Milo DuQuette, […]

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Crazy Tarot Card Interpretations: What You Were Saying!

October 20, 2009

In a post called, A Lesser Known Tarot Secret: Why Using This Can Fast Track Your Intuitive Readings, Today! I invited people to share some of their crazy Tarot card interpretations and I was blown away by all the responses. This post will list all those crazy, cool, insightful and awesome Tarot card meanings that […]

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Four Things You Need To Know About The Fool

August 26, 2009

The Fool card in a Tarot deck is one of the most mysterious, and perhaps disturbing, of all the Tarot cards. Its many meanings, although superficially obvious, eludes concrete definition. It can mean many different things both within a Tarot reading and without; just when you think you have its meaning nailed, events conspire to […]

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Tarot Suit Of Disks

June 28, 2009

The suit of Disks relates to money, goods and services, the organisation of work and business as well as status, possessions and property. Ace of Disks This is a very positive card that predicts that money is coming to the client. This may be as a work related bonus, a windfall, or a new career […]

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Tarot Suit of Swords

June 28, 2009

The suit of Swords is associated with problems. Perhaps there is some kind of action that can be taken to resolve these problems? Ace of Swords Think of the Ace of Swords like a music player. When this card is upright the sound is amplified, and when this card is reversed the sound is barely […]

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