The Kabbalah: What does the word mean? An exploration

June 28, 2010

A statue of Moses Whether you’re new to Tarot or have been working with Tarot for many years, the Kabbalah has always been there. That wasn’t always the case. The Tarot existed independently of the Kabbalah for around 350 years. Take a moment to imagine what the Tarot might have been like without the current […]

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The Tree-Of-Life is a Lie

June 25, 2010

Admit it … you’ve wondered. You’re studying and studying and studying, and most authors you’ve read have told you the Tree-Of-Life provides profound insights into the Universe, Tarot and Everything. They explain how the Tree-Of-Life is Real, True and most certainly a complete explanation for the way things are … but deep down, you just […]

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