Christopher Healey Interview With Jason

July 27, 2009

At this point I asked Chris if he would like to answer some questions from Jason, a reader who had been enjoying the interview. Below are the results: 1. So how does Chris read his Lovecraftian cards and not come out of every reading with fear that the universe is decaying about him? Or how […]

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Christopher Healey Lovecraft Interview

July 25, 2009

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Chris. Check out what you said earlier, “It has always been an intuitive position for me that the very idea of Tarot is something along the lines of “a picture can speak 1000 words” and this remains my position today. To write a description of the meaning of an individual […]

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Christopher Healey

July 24, 2009

I asked my good friend Chris, a massive Lovecraftian fan, if he would like to chat about all things Tarot. As the conversation developed I thought it would be a great idea to put his ideas on my blog. Thankfully he agreed, and this interview is really a way for me to get inside that […]

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Interview On Tarot And Philosophy Part 2

July 14, 2009

This is the second part to the interview with my friend and philosopher Andrew Clark. Douglas: Andy you said in your introduction, “However, deconstruction is not a method in either the classical or the contemporary sense: i.e., of adhering to rules that lie outside of the phenomena that one is analysing”. Tarot readings involve a […]

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Interview On Tarot And Philosophy

July 13, 2009

I asked my good friend and philosopher, Andrew Clark to engage with me in a discussion on some philosophical questions relating to the Tarot. The aim that both of us share in conducting this interview, is to highlight the relevance Philosophy has with Tarot, and mysticism in general. This interview will be conducted through email […]

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Paul Hughes-Barlow

July 12, 2009

Paul was trained as a Sufi from Punditt Maharaj in Brighton. One aspect of this training involved reading the Tarot cards for clients. Very quickly Paul (who had never previously studied the Tarot) had to learn in the very act of giving readings. As a result, Paul’s perspective and knowledge of the Tarot is founded […]

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